Fillmore Double Bump 200k

11-17-2024 07:00

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06-04-2024 15:38
11-15-2024 12:00
RUSA Brevet
Sunrise 6:30:17 AM Sunset 4:51:17 PM
Ride Leader(s):
Kerin Huber

Get me there
Starbucks, Fillmore
650 Ventura St
Fillmore, CA 93015


Note: You must register in advance.  Registration closes at noon on Friday before the ride - there is no day-of-event registration.  You must be a member of RUSA and PCH Randonneurs to register.

This is our classic Kendall's Double Bump 200k route, justed shifted so that the start is in Fillmore.   This means that all the significant climbing happens in the first half of the ride.  Highlights of the course include the climb up Highway 150 to Ojai, Casitas Pass, and the beautiful cycling roads of El Toro Canyon and East Mountain Road in the hills above Santa Barbara.  The last half of the ride is the usual coastal route from Santa Barbara to Ventura, then the cruise through the Heritage Valley back to Fillmore.  There is a total of about 6,000 feet climbing, most of it in the first 100k.  There are many great places to grab lunch in Santa Barbara, including the control at Cantwell's market and deli.

This is a minimally supported ride.  Riders are expected to be self-sufficient and obtain their own food and water out on the course.  There is no SAG vehicle.