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ACP 300
Sunrise at 6:48:25 AM Sunset at 5:27:32 PM

Gregory Goebel
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Desert Inn Motel
1071 W 6th St
Corona, CA 92882

Stops on the Ride

Note: You must register in advance.  Registration closes at noon on Thursday before the ride - there is no day-of-event registration.  You must be a member of RUSA and PCH Randonneurs to register.

This is a very popular, fast 300k brevet. Riders start by heading through Corona to the Santa Ana River Trail and following it all the way to Huntington Beach and the first control. There you head north either on the beach path or PCH (your choice) and then inland on the San Gabriel trail to Las Lomas. This is a 45 mile stretch so stock up on calories. The climb over the Santa Fe dam is scenic if you look to the mountains. At Las Lomas we will forage at the 7-11 control.

Now riders back-track for a while until we hop over to the Rio Hondo bike path. There’s a quarter mile stretch of dirt that’s normally rideable, but you can walk it without losing much time. Next you’re on the Los Angeles River trail dealing with headwind for ten miles or so. As you enter the Long Beach marina there are many routes through the area – the important thing is the keep the water somewhere on the right. At Belmont pier you will head inland for a block and choose between many controls such as Chronic Tacos, Jack-in-the-box, Arco, Vons, 7-11, and others.

Then riders return to the beach path and follow it a little longer and some quiet(ish) roads until PCH which you follow to Newport Beach. Now you ride more bike paths to a control at Crossroads shopping center in Lake Forest. It’s hard to beat sitting by the illuminated fountain as the light fades while eating Pad Thai. The last section is a mixture of bike paths and quiet roads but contains some climbs – noticeably Pioneer Way and Green River Road. Some riders may find the gate from Lakeview Ave onto the Santa Ana trail locked when they get there. In this case, continue on Lakeview and make the first right onto La Palma. You will rejoin the route 4.5 miles later- this is explained on the cue sheet.  The finish is at the Desert Inn in Corona where food and drinks will be provided.

Total distance is 188 miles with 4000ft of climbing. Because it is so flat, has few stop lights or stop signs, and only has four intermediate controls, many riders have completed this route in under 12 hours. Most riders set a personal best on this route. It is ideal for randonneurs attempting their first 300k and for experienced riders looking for a personal best 300k time.

Full lights and reflective gear are required.  Please see Article 10 of the RUSA Rules for Riders.

This is a minimally supported ride.  Riders are responsible for finding their own food and water on course.  There is no SAG vehicle.