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ACP Fleche
Sunrise at 5:51:44 AM Sunset at 7:49:22 PM

Kerin Huber
Email Kerin(626)398-0483

Get me there
Corner Bakery Cafe
345 S Lake Ave
Pasadena, California 91101

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Social Gathering Before/After

We will hold the SoCal Fleche on the weekend of May 14th and 15th.  A fleche is a team event in which a team of 3-5 bicycles rides together for 24 hours, covering at least 360 km on a route of their own design.  Even though all the teams begin in different locations and ride unique routes, they all finish in the same spot at about the same time.  This year we will finish at the Corner Bakery Cafe in Pasadena so we can have breakfast together.  The target finish time is 08:00 on Sunday, which means the teams will begin their journeys at 08:00 on Saturday.  (If this sounds like fun, but 360km is too much, PCH will also run a Dart Populaire, an 8 hour/120km team event, in the fall.)

If you want to learn more about the fleche event, you can find info here.  

Most randonneurs find the fleche to be a truly fun event.  Since you are required to spread your 360km out over the full 24 hours, the pace can be moderate and there is plenty of time for food stops.  Every randonneurs should try a fleche.  Completing a fleche can help you earn the ACP R-5000 award and the RUSA Cup.  Plus every rider who completes a fleche gets a cool certificate from the ACP.

Your route must be approved by the ride leader (Kerin) at least a week in advance of the event.  The team captain should submit a RWGPS map of the route, including all the controls, to Kerin by May 2.  If you have any questions about route design and/or the rules, please feel free to contact me.  It is also a good idea to let me know as early as possible if you are forming a team, or are looking for a team.



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