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ACP 200
Sunrise at 6:58:51 AM Sunset at 5:01:04 PM

Gregory Goebel
Email Gregory(562)412-0881

Get me there
Le Bard Park, Huntington Beach
Cynthia Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Do not navigate to Le Bard Park, use Cynthia Drive
Stops on the Ride

Note:  You must register in advance for this ride- registration closes at noon two days before the ride.  There is no late registration or day-of-event registration.  You must be a member of both PCH Randonneurs and RUSA in order to register.  Be sure your memberships for both RUSA and PCH Randos have been renewed for 2024 before the ride date or you will not be able to participate!

This 200km ride follows the Santa Ana River from Huntington Beach to San Bernardino and back. It's a pleasant route along the the river and you are guaranteed to see lots of bird life!
The majority of the ride is on the Santa Ana River Trail, a paved multi-use path, except for the portion between Green River and Norco where the multi-use path has not yet been completed.
Unless the Santa Ana winds are blowing, expect consistent headwinds on the way back!

This is a minimally supposrted ride.  Riders are responsible for obtaining their own food and water on the course.  There is no SAG vehicle.

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