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RUSA Brevet
Sunrise at 6:17:19 AM Sunset at 5:58:22 PM

Kerin Huber
Email Kerin(626)398-0483

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26531 Agoura Rd
Calabasas, CA

There is parking available on Agoura Rd.

Stops on the Ride

Note:  You must register in advance for this ride.  Registration closes at noon on Friday before the ride- there is no late or day-of-event registration.  For all our events you must be a member of RUSA and PCH Randos.

This is a very challenging and beautiful ride.  The first 50 miles are a sampler of some of the best climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains, capped off by a descent of Deer Creek to the coast (it's like falling off the edge of the earth). Then there is a long, flat ride to Oxnard and back so you can rest your legs, put some time in the bank, and get some lunch. One more big climb up Encinal and you've finished the ride.  This ride has just over 10,000 feet of climbing.
Be sure to carry plenty of pocket food at the start! There is no food on course until mile 68, which will be about 6 hours of riding for most people. There are places to get water- which are marked on the cue sheet.

This is a self- supported ride.  Riders are responsible for obtaining their own food and water out on the course.  There is no SAG vehicle.