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Greg Cardell
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Promenade Trailhead
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Note:  You must register in advance for this ride- registration closes at noon on Thursday before the ride.  There is no late registration or day-of-event registration.  

The route starts by following the San Francisquito Creek bike trail up to San Francisquito Canyon Road (one of the early routes between the LA Basin and the big valley) and then continues past the site of the 1928 St. Francis Dam collapse, and up and over San Francisquito Pass. After a short, steep descent (ending in a T intersection, so use caution!) the route continues down the rift valley of the San Andreas Fault to the control in Leona Valley.  Continuing down the valley to Bouquet Canyon Road, the route then goes up over the Leona Divide to a long descent along the north side of the Sierra Pelona Ridge to return to Santa Clarita.  A few miles on the riverside bike paths leads to Sierra Highway and then up along the south side of the ridge, through Agua Dulce and Acton to the top of Soledad Canyon.  Another long descent leads back to Santa Clarita.  Climbing up Sand Canyon and down scenic Placerita Canyon to the control at the nature center, the site of the first discovery of gold in California at the Oak of the Golden Dream, the route then continues along a few flat miles of surface streets and bike paths to the finish.

The canyons are often warm (even in winter) and are usually dry and windy. There is water available at several locations along the route. It is a good idea to fill water bottles before starting the descents down Bouquet Canyon and Soledad Canyon, as there is no water available in Bouquet Canyon, and water stops are a considerable distance apart in Soledad Canyon.

This is a minimally supported ride.  Riders are expected to be self-sufficient and obtain their own food and water out on the course.  There is no SAG vehicle.