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Kerin Huber
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Overnight Ride

Bad news:  Amtrak and Metrolink train service from Oceanside to Mission Viejo is currently suspended due to work on the tracks.  According to this LA Times article, the work is due to continue until at least mid-December, and a bulletin from the contractor predicts work will continue into January.  This is going to affect the logistics of riders planning on taking the train back from Oceanside to LA.   Amtrak is providing a bus service, but you would have to check about bike accomodations.  Metrolink is now running from San Clemente on weekends, but you would have to ride the 22 miles from the finish back up to San Clemente.  We are looking for some volunteers that would be willing to drive to Oceanside and shuttle bikes (or maybe bikes and riders) back to LA area.  Contact Kerin if you are willing.

Note: You must register in advance.  Registration closes at noon on Friday before the ride - there is no day-of-event registration.  You must be a member of RUSA and PCH Randonneurs to register.

Ride Description- Come join us for the 7th SoCal Winter Solstice Ride! (It's an Almost Winter Solstice ride- we're not doing the ride on the actual solstice, but having the ride on Saturday makes it easier for people with jobs.)   Get out your thermal tights, decorate your bike with holiday lights, and join a group of other crazies riding through the longest night of the year.    The route is a mostly flat, point-to-point ride from Pasadena to Oceanside.  We start with a little loop of South Pasadena and La Canada, then head over to the San Gabriel River Trail.  The River Trail takes us all the way to Seal Beach, then we'll follow the coastal route to Oceanside.  The start and finish are both at train stations with parking, so it is fairly easy to handle the logistics.

Although the ride is not technically an audax-style ride, riding with others is strongly encouraged, especially on the SGRT at night.  In keeping with the holiday spirit, you are invited to enjoy a midnight meal together at the Harbor House Cafe in Sunset Beach, about 67 miles into the ride.  One of the best things about this ride is seeing all the Christmas lights as we ride through the towns.  You are encouraged to decorate your bike too- you'll be tickled at the positive reactions this elicits from car drivers and pedestrians.

All participants are required to have working front and rear lights on their bicycles and meet the reflectivity guidelines as required by Article 10 of the RUSA Rules for Riders.  An inspection will be conducted at the start to ensure compliance for your safety during the ride.

Parking- There is free overnight parking available at the Sierra Madre Villa Station and at the Oceanside Station.  If you live in the LA area, you can drive to the SMV Station, or better yet take the Gold Line train there.  After you finish in Oceanside on Sunday morning, you can take the train (either Amtrak or Metrolink) to Union Station, and then the Gold Line back to SMV Station.  If you live in the San Diego area, you can park at the Oceanside Station and take the train to the start.