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Audax Ride
Sunrise at 5:43:04 AM Sunset at 8:10:49 PM

Gregory Goebel
Email Gregory(562)412-0881

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1306 N Altadena Dr
Pasadena, CA 91107


Note: You must register in advance for this ride.  Registration closes at noon on the Thursday before the ride.

This 200k brevet will be run as an audax-style brevet, and it will be sanctioned by UAF ( l’Union des Audax Français).  This is PCH Randos' first experiment with an audax brevet- it should be a lot of fun to try this out. 

Audax brevets are group rides- all riders start together, ride together, and finish together. Riders are never alone, the effort is constant, and controls are for rest rather than validating passage along the route. In addition to riding together, riders on audax brevets stop at controls together and have a sit-down meal together at lunch.

Audax is characterized by a common riding pace of 22.5kph (14mph) with stops of fixed duration (~15min. per 40-60km; 45-90 min. for sit-down meals).  Riding willfully outside the peloton is forbidden and the peloton is led by organizer-appointed “route captains.” Route captains set the pace, navigate, and maintain the good order of the ride.  So if you like the idea of riding with your fellow randos for the whole ride, audax style is for you.  But if you are the type of rider who likes to take off from the front and go your own pace, audax is probably not a good fit for you.

The course begins in Pasadena and utilizes the SART, the SGRT and the Rio Hondo Trail.  It also does the loop around the Newport Back Bay.  It is relatively flat, with only a few climbs.