Using the eBrevet App

This page contains instructions for ride leaders on how to use the eBrevet app as an EPP option for your ride.  If you are a rider looking for instructions on how to use eBrevet, go here.

The eBrevet app is a tool that you can use as an EPP option for the riders doing your event.  It is easy for them to use during the ride- very similar to using a brevet card, but it is on their phone.  It is also very easy for them to send you their EPP (electronic proof of passage) in the form of a “certificate” when they complete the ride (assuming the have checked into all the controls using the app).  You can read more about eBrevet here.

The website that supports the eBrevet app is  If you are a ride leader, Kerin can provide you with a login password.  Normally, Kerin will set up your event on this website so that it is ready to go on the eBrevet app.  Which means when you read through the documentation you can ignore all the stuff about getting the route ready and using the Cue Wizard.

1] Logging in:  Go to  Use the login button in the upper right corner.  
2] Adding Riders to Roster:  Once you login, click the little bicycle icon in the upper righthand corner- you will see a list of all our events.  If you click on the [Riders] button for your event, then [Manage Roster], you will be able to add riders to the roster.  Click on the blue [Add “event name” Rider] button, then start typing their last name in the select rider field.  A dropdown menu will appear so you can select the person from a list.  Hit [Save and Go Back to List].  Rinse and repeat for all your riders.  If a rider doesn't appear on the dropdown list, contact Kerin.  It either means their RUSA membership is not current, or there is a spelling issue.
3] Getting Start Codes:  After you've completed the roster, you can get the start codes that you will give to the riders at the beginning of the ride.  Go back to the list of events (bicycle icon).  Use the [Download] button, then [Sign In Sheet].  Don't give those codes out to the riders in advance.  For one, if a rider enters his code more than an hour before the starting time, eBrevet thinks he's on a pre-ride.  Also, if we end up making last minute route changes and I have to run the route through Cue Wizard again, the start codes will change.
4] Checking Rider Progress During Ride:  Once the ride has started, or after it's complete, you can see the rider progress.  Go back to the list of events (bicycle icon), then click on the [info] button for your event.  Then click on [check ins].  You will see a spreadsheet of which riders have checked into which controls and at what time.  Very handy, especially for a long ride where you are providing support.  Be aware that if a rider doesn't have phone service when they check into a control, there will be a delay in that check in info showing up on the website.