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Permanents are back!  Starting August 1st, you can ride permanents again for RUSA credit.  There are some changes to how permanents will operate.   Here is the RUSA page to find out more.  And here is an excellent explanation of the new program from SIR.  If you choose to ride permanents, remember to do it solo or in very small groups with proper distancing.


What’s a Permanent?

A Permanent is a long distance cycling route that is “permanently available”. To ride a permanent you must register in advance on the RUSA website. Similar to riding a California Double Century and receiving California Triple Crown credit, you will receive Randonneurs USA (RUSA) credit for doing a Permanent. Many Randonneurs use this credit toward the R-12 award– an award that requires you to complete a ride of at least 200 kilometers monthly for twelve consecutive months. Once the R-12 is earned, your name is posted on the RUSA website, as well as in the RUSA quarterly journal.  You can also use permanents to earn RUSA mileage awards.

All permanents require you to be a RUSA member. For more information on Permanents and membership, please visit RUSA’s website


Rides in our Club

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  • Sat 24 Jul
    OC to Carlsbad 200k Centennial Regional Park - Santa Ana
    RUSA Brevet
    Members: $10.00
    3 registered
  • Sat 11 Sep
    BRM 100th Anniversary Ride 200k La Paz Sports Park - Laguna Niguel
    ACP 200
    Members: $25.00
    6 registered

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