Rebate Offer for New RUSA Members

PCH Randonneurs would like to welcome new riders to the sport of randonneuring.  RUSA membership is required for insurance reasons, but we realize that having to join RUSA is a significant financial barrier to some riders.  So we have an offer to encourage new riders to try out our brevets:  If you are brand new to RUSA (you never have had a membership in the past) and you ride your very first brevet or populaire with PCH Randonneurs, we will rebate 50% of the cost of your first year's RUSA membership to you.  The rebate will be done via PayPal after you ride your first event.  Please contact Kerin, the RBA, if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

Please make sure you join RUSA several days in advance of registering for your first PCH Randos event.  It takes a while for your membership to be entered and for you to be issued your actual RUSA number.  The temporary RUSA number (which starts with a T) cannot be used and you won't be able to join PCH Randos or register.


New RUSA Members who completed their first brevet with PCH Randonneurs:

2022:  Steven Speciale, Morten Nissov, Christy Frazelle, Mike Preuett, Jairo Lopez, Bob Easton, Chris Bergstrom, Angelica Casaverde, Patrick Conneely, Vito Rubino, Ryan Flynn, Joanna Zhou, Derrick Chau, Sybil Gray, 

2021:  Terrence Patrick, Christopher Therrien, Gregory Jones, Jon Snyder, Daniel Hernandez Rivera, Justin Andrews, Travis Budge, John Kruse, Quinn Taw, Diletta Dang, Deirdre Mann, Robert Mann, Ben Adrian, Robert Bacin, Michael Shear, Court Brewer, Oliver Flores, Ron Caringal

2020:   Garrett Eves, Alex Villalta, Bill Akiyama, Charlie Watler, Leslie Kaplan, Hasan Mirjan, Brandon Lu, Elizabeth Atchley, Victoria Zepeda, Eric Jensen, Chuck Hammond, Dale Aaronson, Greg Cardell, Michael Hoenk, Bobby Chang



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