PCH Randonneurs


Site Help for Ride Leaders

First - thank you for volunteering, people like you make this club great.

Volunteering to lead a ride

Every year in late summer the RBA sends out an email to all potential ride leaders asking them to add their rides to a master schedule (Google document) for the upcoming year. We have to submit our schedule to RUSA by 9/30 of the prior year. If you want to host a ride next year, please contact our RBA (currently Kerin Huber) via email or Google Groups.

Free Membership

As a ride leader you will get free upgraded membership for the year. When the RBA submits next year's schedule to RUSA the web master will create free upgraded memberships for all ride leaders. You will receive a confirmation email when this is done. Obviously this means the web master will need to know your email address. In order to fully utilize your membership you will need to create a logon, complete your personal information, and give permission for us to show your contact information to your riders. You only have to do this once.

Reset your password

  • On the home page, click on the orange Club button near the top of the page and select Club Administration. This takes you to the login page.
  • On the Login page, click the Change/Reset my password link
  • On the password reset page, enter your email address as your user name and click the [Request Reset] button
  • You will receive an email from ridestats that contains a link. We use two-part authentication for security
  • Click the link (it will expire in 24 hours)
  • In the page the link takes you to, enter your password twice. It must be at least 8 characters and contain a digit and an upper-case character.
  • You will use the same steps to reset a lost password

Completing your profile

  • Click on the orange Club button near the top of the home page, then click on Update/Renew membership
  • Enter your surname in the text box then select yourself from the drop down list
  • Click the [Request Update/Renewal] button
  • You will receive an email from ridestats at gmail dot com which contains a link
  • Click the link to go to the Update Membership page
  • Review and correct information as needed
  • Click [Update Details] when done.
  • You can also renew your membership from this page using the [PayPal] button

Permission to publish your contact information

Even though you are a ride leader, we will not publish your contact information without your permission. To give permission, follow these optional steps...

  • From the home page, click the orange Club button near the top and click on Club Administration
  • Login if prompted
  • In the left menu, click the house icon and then click User Preferences
  • In the user preferences page, check next to email and telephone number. This allows them to be displayed in the ride calendar so your riders can contact you.
  • Note the email is obfuscated, which makes it very difficult for evil bots to scrape your email address off our web page and spam you.

Deciding which ride to lead

When leading your first ride you could make your life a little easier by hosting an existing short route (a 200k brevet or a populaire). But you could also design your own route and/or lead a longer ride. Although routes are "owned" by someone, they can be lead by anyone. As a well established club, we have a large library of existing, well-tested routes.

Designing your own route.

You should be aware of the RUSA rules for route design which is in the RUSA Procedures document. You don't need to read the entire tome, just the bits related to designing and scheduling events. If you have any questions, we have a member of the route committee on our board - just post to our Google Group. You don't need to have a finished or approved route when you add your ride to the ride schedule - just a start location, rough idea of the route and distance, and a date. For example Long Beach, Indio, Irvine, and back, 300k, 7/16/2021.

It's quite common to take a personal favorite ride and convert it into a populaire (between 100k and 200k) or brevet (200k, 300k, 400k, or 600k). You simply adjust it to an appropriate length, eliminating shortcuts, adding controls, etc.  Before designing or submitting a new brevet route to RUSA, please consult your RBA.

Leading an existing route

Use the RUSA route search page to find all routes in the Los Angeles area.

Scheduling the event on our website calendar

Once the RBA has submitted our schedule to RUSA our web master will start adding the events to our web site's calendar. To do this they will need the following information from you.

  • Event name
  • Event date, start time and end time (end time is determined from RUSA's rules)
  • Event leader(s)
  • Event start address
  • Name, Address, Distance and Type for each control - this is used to generate brevet cards.
  • Registration close date and time. This is normally at noon two days before the ride starts, but could be earlier if you need it to be.
  • Link to rwgps page or similar site
  • Cue sheet
  • Ride description
  • The level of support you will be providing such as food or SAG. This can affect the price of the ride.
  • Any other information you want listed

Adding Volunteers to the rider list

Anyone who helps you to run the ride can get free entry into this or any other PCHRandos ride of equal or lesser value. To get them onto the ride list without having to pay just have them register as normal without paying. Then you logon and change their payment status (using manage registrations) from unpaid to complete. Change the dollar amount to zero, click [Resend Payment Confirmation] and then [Save]. We may be able to simplify this in the future. If a volunteer elects to ride an event hosted by someone else, please contact the other host. Note the volunteer still needs to register before the deadline for the ride.

After registration has closed

You need to print customized waivers and brevet cards after registration has closed. Don't wait until the last moment - printers have a knack for running out of ink at just the wrong time.

Printing waivers, rider lists, and rider labels

  • Log onto the website using the Club button and Club Administration 
  • In the left menu, click the calendar icon, then click View/Edit Master Schedule or My Events
  • Make sure the starting and ending dates span the event you want to print waivers for
  • Click Search and find your event in the results
  • Click the Sign in Sheet link under the event name
  • Click the Print Waivers button
  • Click the Print All Waivers button
  • You should not need blank waivers as we are not allowing late registrations, but it might be worth having a couple of spares.
  • Return to the prior page and click the [Print Sign In] button. This shows a printable form that can be used for sign in, role call, secret controls, etc.
  • Return to the prior page and click the [Print Rider Labels] button
  • This shows a page of rider details suitable for printing on label stock (Avery 5160 labels with top margin = 0.5 inches and all other margins set to zero)

Printing brevet cards

  • The old, hard way - you did not provide control details to the webmaster.
    • Open either the Word or PDF versions of blank ACP brevet cards from the RUSA website - keep a copy on your hard drive. There are also versions for populaires and RUSA brevets.
    • Complete your emergency info, ride distance, club name, event date and start location, and all the control information on the second page. Save a copy somewhere safe on your hard drive.
    • You can use RUSA's tool for calculating control times.
    • Print out a brevet card for each rider and stick on the rider info labels. Remember to print double-sided on light card stock. You can use paper if your printer doesn't handle card. You will get two cards per page.
  • The new, easy way - you provided control details to the webmaster. This option only works in Chrome, Brave, Opera, or Chromium Edge.
    • Click Club -> Club Administration and logon to the website
    • Click the calendar icon and View/Edit Master Schedule or My Events
    • Search for your scheduled event, click "Sign in sheet" under the event name
    • Scroll to the registrations section - you have two options. Try them both and see which one works best for you.
      1. Foldable cards. One sheet per rider - suitable for rides with more than 12 controls. Excess controls print on the back using double-sided printing. This format has the option to add an elevation chart and/or organizer comments.
      2. Back side followed by Front side. Creates standard brevet cards. This requires you to put the cards through the printer twice. Turn off double-sided printing and headers/footers.
        • The back side prints the controls. You will be prompted for info control questions at this point. Because all the backsides are the same, only one page (2 brevet cards) is printed. You should change the number of copies for the number of riders you have. eg 15 riders = 8 copies. If your controls don't all fit, switch to option 1 above.
        • The front side prints the ride and rider details. Only one copy is needed. You will print on the other side of the back sides you just printed. Practice with paper until you know the orientation to use.

You should not need to print blank brevet cards because we do not allow late registrations, but you might want to print a few spares.

Emailing all the registered riders

You have the option to send an email all the registered riders.  This is handy for sending them any last minutes updates, reminding them about parking information, encouraging them to be on time to the start, etc. 

  • Log onto the website using the Club button and Club Administration 
  • In the left menu, click the calendar icon, then click View/Edit Master Schedule
  • Make sure the starting and ending dates include your event date
  • Click Search and find your event in the results
  • Using the orange [Choose] drop down menu on the right, select Email Riders
  • Select all riders to be recipients, or you can select a specific few

Printing cue sheets

Most riders will print and bring their own cue sheets but a few will forget. You should print some out for them, but it's hard to know how many. Make your best guess.

If you are starting at a hotel, be aware that some hotels have a computer and printer available at the front desk. This has been useful to me more than once.


At the start of the ride

Your most important task at the start of the ride is to get a valid signed waiver from each rider before handing them their brevet card. Ensure the waiver is for the correct event, has the rider's name legibly printed, has their signature and the date it was signed. If you do not have a valid signed waiver from each rider before the event starts, we will be vulnerable to lawsuits. Do not allow multiple riders to sign the same waiver. Being at the start 30 minutes before the event begins should give you time to complete all paperwork. Bring a clipboard and spare pens.

A few minutes before the ride starts, gather the riders around and let them have any last minute updates such as road works, predicted weather, etc. A bullet list on your clipboard helps.

Do not allow anyone to start before you officially start the ride. This is grounds for a DQ.

If you have registered riders who have not shown up by the time the ride starts you can wait up to one hour for them. After that they are DNS. If you are not going to be able to wait for late riders, you should mention this in the ride description.

At the end of the ride

  • Your first job is to record the ride time of each rider on their card. 
  • Validate each control (info, signature, receipt, secret, etc) while the rider waits. If the rider has not already recorded their control times on their card, have them do it now.
  • Once you have validated that the card is complete and correct, have the rider sign it and countersign it yourself.
  • Mail the completed brevet cards and waivers to Kerin.  You can include the postage costs on your list of expenses.
  • If you have a computer and Internet access at the end of the ride you can perform the steps below at the end of the ride. This will save time and reduce the chance of errors.

When the event is over

  • Logon to pch.ridestats.bike using the Club button and Club Administration
  • In the left menu click the calendar icon and select My Schedule
  • Find your ride, click [Choose] and select Report. This option is only available once the ride has started.
  • Enter comments if you want to
  • Click [Next]
  • Enter each riders' RUSA number (if missing), Status (if not Finished), and Finish Date/Time. The website will calculate ride time.
  • Click [Next]
  • We do not allow guest riders, so just click [Next]
  • Double check your results and make a note of the number of riders, RUSA will want you to enter this number
  • Click [Report]
  • The results have been saved to ridestats.  Your RBA will handle the RUSA submission and paying any insurance fees.
  • Mail the completed brevet cards and waivers to Kerin.  You can include the postage costs on your list of expenses.


After the ride is completed, either Kerin or Foster (the Treasurer) will send you a ride expense report to fill out. Fill in all your ride expenses and return the report.  To submit your receipts: you can either scan your receipts and send those with your expense report, or mail in the actual receipts when you mail the brevet cards and waivers to Kerin.  You will be reimbursed for your expenses either with a check or PayPal, whichever you prefer.

Random thoughts

  • Bring some sandwich sized ziploc bags to the start of the ride for the riders to store their brevet cards and reciepts in.
  • If the ride starts at a hotel, research nearby parking for riders who don't book a room and publish it in the ride description.
  • Keep a copy of the rider list with you in case you need quick access to a rider's emergency information